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Tianjin Ruist Valve Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, is located in Jinnan District Xiaostation Industrial Park, is a professional R & D, production, sales of valve manufacturers, with its strong scientific and technological strength, advanced production equipment, perfect quality testing means, mature manufacturing process, has become the industry's professional R & D production of butterfly valve industry leader! The company has passed the environmental assessment, ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certification, credit rating AAA, has a number of R & D patents, has many years of valve production and sales experience.
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Type A wafer butterfly valve
The A-type and LT-type wafer butterfly valves produced by our factory are imported from the United States with advanced technology, and have a long history of producing this product. We have won multiple national quality awards. Transmission modes include: handle, worm gear Worm drive, pneumatic, electric, etc. The diameter range is DN25~DN1200.
Expansion flange butterfly valve
This butterfly valve is suitable for temperatures ≤ 80 ℃ and is used for regulating flow and intercepting media in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, papermaking, power, water supply and drainage, gas pipelines. It has the function of compensating Thermal expansion of the pipeline.
Clamp type soft sealing butterfly valve
The groove type (clamp) connecting valve is a series of new connecting valves designed and manufactured by introducing advanced products from the United States and Germany. It has the advantages of fast, simple, safe, reliable installation, not limited by the installation site, convenient maintenance of pipes and valves, vibration isolation and sound insulation, and overcoming the error caused by connecting different shafts of pipes within a certain angle range, and solving the Thermal expansion caused by temperature difference.
Firefighting worm gear groove signal butterfly valve
The XD381X worm gear groove signal butterfly valve adopts worm gear and Worm drive, and then the cam rotates to press or release the upper contact of the signal device according to the preset position, and the corresponding "on" and "off" point signals are output to display the opening and closing status of the butterfly valve.
Soft seal double eccentric flange butterfly valve
This butterfly valve is the latest developed soft seal eccentric flange butterfly valve by our company. It is mainly suitable for water supply and drainage in systems such as water plants, power plants, steel smelting, papermaking, chemical engineering, water source engineering, environmental facility construction, etc. It is especially suitable for use as regulating and intercepting equipment on waterway pipelines.
Production equipment
Provide high-quality services to users and create a better tomorrow for the enterprise
By establishing a comprehensive design and development, manufacturing and processing, as well as after-sales service system, we ensure that our products can fully meet various performance indicators within their limited lifespan; Adopt advanced manufacturing equipment, scientific management system and perfect inspection facilities to create Absolute advantage for the market; Utilizing new concepts and powerful technical capabilities to create higher standard high-end valve products.
Excellent quality
Provide high-quality services to users and create a better tomorrow for the enterprise
Having a complete set of equipment production lines, all products are produced by oneself, eliminating the price difference between intermediaries, and providing a more advantageous price; The company continuously improves, innovates, designs, and manufactures butterfly valve products in various industries;
The product covers multiple industries and has numerous models; The company adheres to technological innovation, and all employees make unremitting efforts to continuously design beautiful ball valve types to meet the various needs of customers.
Create professional and high-quality products, regularly replace new equipment, and introduce excellent advanced machines; Actively promote the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system based on the principle of rationalization; Modern standard factory buildings, advanced and sophisticated production and testing equipment.
24/7 technical consultation and fast response after-sales service, ensuring customers' peace of mind and peace of mind; Professional after-sales service is available 24/7 to help you solve problems at any time.
Our company's main products include fluorine lined valve series, gate valve series, copper valve series, flange elbow series, and other products. Widely used in industries such as water conservancy, electricity, heating, construction, buildings, petrochemicals, metallurgy, etc.
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Provide high-quality services to users and create a better tomorrow for the enterprise



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